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ESPSN 3rd International Conference 6th – 7th May, 2015 (A Leading Vision in Pediatric Dentistry)

A Leading Vision in Pediatric Dentistry

Fields that will be covered in the conference

1. Behavior management & relaxation techniques
2. Recent trends & concepts in preventive dentistry & methods of Biofilm management.
3. New trends in Pulp therapy.
4. Management of traumatic injuries
5. Regenerative endodontics
6. Tissue engineering
7. Ceramic restorations in primary teeth
8. Sedation techniques for pediatric dental patient
9. Adhesive restoration in the esthetic zone & bulk fill restorations
10. Glass fibers as a mean for tooth replacements
11. Cone beam CT in pediatric dentistry
12. Implants in the developing jaws
13. Management of autistic children
14. Evidence based dentistry concepts & practice
15. Space management in the primary & mixed dentition phases.
16. Use of lasers in children.