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On Dental Health Education Level

-During the last three successive years, the Egyptian society for pediatric dentistry in association with the FDI word dental federation in Geneva has implemented a “Pre_ School Based Dental Education Program” for 1800 pre school children and their teachers from all Egyptian governments in collaboration with the Egyptian ministry of health & education and the Egyptian dental & syndicate.
-This program included design and producing educational cartoon films and posters and the distribution of tooth brushes and tooth pastes on all the children and included in the project. Children and their teacher were educated in the correct method of tooth brushing and given dietary recommendation and followed up regularly for evaluation.
-By the end of the program, the Egyptian society for pediatric dentistry was awarded the title of “The Most Active Society” among all other world wide contributing societies, at the FDI conference in Philippines in Italy 2011.
The great success of this project urged the FDI to come to an agreement with the Egyptian society for pediatric dentistry on another “New Three Years Project”.
-The society with the aid of its dental publishes health specialists are now in the process of increasing dental awareness and measuring its prevalence among school in different Egyptian government.