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On Scientific Level

1-Encouraging pediatric dentist to attend international conferences in the United States, Europe and Asia.
2-Contributing in the conferences of the Egyptian society for dental surgeons and several dental conferences in Alexandria and Cairo universities through inviting foreign speakers and initialing lectures and workshop in the field of pediatric dentistry.
3-The society became member of the International Association for pediatric dentistry (IAPD) in Geneva which comprises 52 worldwide associations. In June 2011, members of our society attended the council telling at the international conferences of the IAPD in Athens, as representatives for Egypt, the only contributing country among the Arabian and African countries.
4-The society has held an international conference for pediatric dentistry in Cairo, March 2009. Lectures were given by several Egyptian and foreign professor.
Over 5 days this event was a great success with its lectures, workshop and valuable scientific research.
5-At present, the society is preparing for a second international conference in Cairo in March 2012. A celebrity of worldwide pediatric dentistry professors how been invited to share with us this important event.